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Culturally charged creative

We make work that grabs attention. Not only because of its style. But because it reflects the culture it serves. We take inspiration from the hidden forces that shape our behaviours. And turn them into work with impact. 

Our vision

Whilst many think ‘culture’ is the sneakers you wear, we know it is so much more. It’s the beliefs you hold, the company you keep, and the brands you choose. By digging into the cultural context of each brief — understanding audience motivations and the stage on which they play — we have the potential to create work that connects in a whole new way. Work that moves people. Work that is culturally charged.

Our Approach

We work hard to create authentic stories. By collaborating and consulting with representatives from the communities we work with, we can align brands with the cultural expectations of audiences and deliver creative work that is both emotionally resonant and more likely to drive commercial results.

Our Origins

Stereo’s story starts in 2007. Three designers driven to make great work. Now, the studio is home to over 60+ creative minds, with offices in London and San Francisco, and clients in every sector, from fashion to fintech.

Our Commitments

As a future-facing agency, we are committed to making a positive impact, working with brands to communicate their CSR goals. And working towards our own. We also endeavor to support non-profit organisations to further their impact.

We are aware of the imbalances within our industry, and are focussed on increasing DEI at every level.