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Online Brand Refresh

Defining Maium’s brand DNA through design


Rainwear label Maium approached Stereo to enlist our web design services. The Amsterdam-based founders wanted to put themselves on the map for utilitarian fashion aimed at urban cyclists looking for protection from unpredictable weather.


Our team found a much deeper opportunity for Maium, realising they weren’t exploiting their unique brand story and products. We came back with an entire brand ethos centred on urban movement that translated into the website’s fluid visual language and beyond.

Results and Learnings

Originally briefed in solely as a web design project, Maium’s refined brand DNA has since become the guiding spine of the label, helping it turn from a two-strong start-up into a fully-fledged fashion brand with seasonal collections.


  • Product benefit, 
  • Product differentiation, 
  • Drive footfall 


  • digital experiences 


  • Fashion & Retail